Organizing Committee of Special Olympics China Millennium March

Sponsors: China Fund for the Handicapped
The people's Government of Beijing Municipality
Ministry of Culture
State General Administration of Radio, Film and TV
State General Administration of Sports
Special Olympics China
Chairman: Mr.Deng Pufang
Chairman of China Disabled Persons' Federation
President of China Fund for the Handicapped
Mr.Yan Mingfu
Chairman of Special Olympics China
Vice Chairman: Mr.Zhai Hongxiang
Vice Mayor of the People's Government of Beijing
Executive Chairman: Mr.Wang Zhijun
Vice President of China Disabled Persons' Federation
Ms.Wang Yili
Vice Chairman of Business Women's Network
Secretary General: Mr.Ren Dianhua
Vice Secretary General of Beijing Municipal Government
It started with a dream ...that people with mental retardation could be perceived and respected in the same way as everyone else. That they could gain enormously from participating in sports training and competition, and that the world could gain as well. The concept of Special Olympics was born in the early 1960s when Mrs. Shriver started a day camp for children with mental retardation. She saw that people with mental retardation were far more capable in sports and physical activities than many experts had thought. Since 1968, millions of children and adults with mental retardation have participated in Special Olympics.
Special Olympics officially began in 1968 when Eunice Kennedy Shriver organized the First International Special Olymics Games at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, USA. At these games,1000 men and women with mental retardation from 26 states and Canada took part in sports competition in the Olympic tradition. It was a groundbreaking event--these were the first Special Olympics heroes. Now, more than thirty years later,there are one million Special Olympics athletes representing more than 150 nations worldwide--1,000 times the original number.


       Audience with President Jiang Zemin

President Jiang Zemin receives Special Olympics International Delegation led by the Chairman of Special Olympics, Mr. Sargent Shriver in the afternoon of May 19. President Jiang welcomes the SOI delegation and expresses appreciation for Mr. Shriver and his family. (Beijing 2000)


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