Mr.Chen Bangzhu


Vice Chairman:
Mr.Zhao Weichen


Vice Chairman:
Mr.Yu Xiaosong


Vice Chairman:
Mr.Wang Guangya


Vice Chairman:
Mr.Long Yongtu


Vice Chairman:
Mr.Hui Yongzheng




Permanent Deputy Secretary General:
Ms.Li Luosha


Deputy Secretary General:
Mr.Li Bolun


 Deputy  Secretary  General:
 Mr.Zhang  Lianshun


Chairperson of Policy Study Branch:
Mr.Li Dongsheng


Chairperson of Technology Innovations Branch:
Mr.Lu Debin


Chairperson of International Exchanges Branch:
Mr.Zhang Lijun


 of Human 
 Ms.Wang Yili


2000 APEC(CEA) Annual Meeting at Beijing Diaoyutai Chatting with Mr. Yu Xiaosong, President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)


Meeting Jing Shuping, Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce at the press conference.

The annual meeting of the APEC ECA was convened at the Diaoyutai State
Guest House in Beijing in Jan, 2000.


China has jorned the WTO, the Chinese people should contribute and participate.
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