In may of 2000,Yili helped organize the ˇ°Special Olympics China Millennium Marchˇ±as one of the Executive Chairperson. The International Special Olympics was headed up by Sargent Shriver. The Chinese Special Olympics were headed up by Mr. Deng Pufang and Yan Mingfu as co-chairs. The photos show their activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

By bringing science and technology, culture and hygiene to the village is one way Yili shows her care. She believes self-help and mutual is the best way to help the poor and the handicaps. Working with the local people with field-research is the way to protect the minority's local culture. Yili doing an action-research in the village of Jiangyong, Hunan in May 2004.

Meeting Dr. Jennifer L. Howse at the “March of Dimes?in the U.S.A. in 1999

U.S President Bill Clinton actively endorsing the ?March of Dimes?in 1999

Provide a better environment for the children to grow. Educate the children to appreciate culture, teach them how to use hi-tech to benefit people and encourage them to participate in charity activities. Children are the masters of to-morrow. With good education and proper nurturing, they will bring progress and benefit to the world.


"We care, we share and we all benefit"

    Yili meets the UNFPA delegation. Ms Teresa Eden Holm (L3) and Mr. Alan M. Brody (Beijing 2000)

Wang Yili's Vision:



Modernization through Globalization

Self-actualization through Conscientization

Love through Peace and Development

When there is love, there is true peace
When there is peace, there is development.
Self-help and mutual-aid through HOPE program.
Help and Opportunity for Permanent Employment
Development through education.
Education through economic development.
Economic development through group action.
Group action transforms into institution.
Full and abundant life for all.

Yili meets Ugandn Philip Idro (R2) in Beijing in 2002.
Yili meets Greece Ambassador Ioannis Theophanopoulos (R) in Beijing in 2002.

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