Receiving the 6th China Population Culture Award
Receiving award from Mr. Song Ping and Madam Peng Peiyun, leaders of China at the People's Great Hall in December 1998
Cheers for the millennium. Madam Qin Xiaomei(L) from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign and Mrs. Sarah Randt (R) wife of U.S Ambassador congratulate Yili for receiving the award of “Peace Emissary” at the 14th International Science and Peace Week. (Beijing 2002)
Enmmittees from the Hon. Song Ping (R) Yili. “You must bring glory to the Eountry and work hard for the people.” Beijing September 1998
Taking up the mission, Facing the challenges
Winning the 1st“World Outstanding Business Woman Award”

The content of the International news of CCTV broadcasted on October 19,1999 at 19.00 p.m. “World Business Women Summit was held on the 18th at the U.S. capital Washington D.C. Eighteen women entrepreneurs including one from China were given the World Outstanding Business Woman Award. The award is given on the merit of each one's outstanding achievement in the economic and cultural field in their own countries. Please watch our report: There are 1700 business women from 97 countries attending to-day's conference: Ms Wang Yili participated and made a special contribution to the international economic and cultural exchanges and development. She is one of the award winners.” This is a report filed by the CCTV reporter from Washington D.C.


Wang Yili delivers a speech after winning the “World Outstanding Business Woman Award” in October 1999.


Endorsement Letter to Wang Yili. Letter from Madam Peng Peiyun, Vice-Chairman of National People's Congress on the occasion of Wang Yili receiving the “World Outstanding Business Woman Award” (November 4,1999 in Beijing)

The fact, that Wang Yili won the “World Outstanding Business Award”at the first Global Business Summit, is a good and happy occasion. The glory belongs to Wang Yili. The glory also belongs to the women of China. My sincere congratulations to her. I also want to thank her for her care and support for the population and culture. I hope she will keep up the good work, and work hand and contribute more to the rise of the Chinese nation, to world peace and to the progress of society and civilization.
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